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Guidet tour in Løkken

Come to the guided tour in and around Løkken. 



About the trip                                                                                                                  Nice short walk in Løkken focusing on the city's exciting history and signature!
Join this exciting guided walk, which takes place in and around Løkken city center.
The terrain is a combination of small hilly dune paths and completely flat city walks, which include small exciting and ”secret ” trails through the city.
Along the way, we talk briefly about the city's history and the sights and buildings that we pass.
The trip lasts approx. 1 ½ hour and offers a small snack and a ”bitter” on the way.
If there are children with the trip there is a little surprise to them!
Guide to the trip is Lars Hansen from Løkken Tourist Office.

The tour takes place primarily in Danish and secondary in English.

Date and time
Dates: July 4nd at 10 am, July 9th at 4.30 pm, July 23rd at 10 am, July 30th at 4.30 pm, August 6th at 10 am.

Start and end location                                                                                                  Løkken Museum, Nørregade 12, 9480 Løkken.

DKK 75 for adults – free for children under 12 years.

Registration and payment
MobilePay 21691 or at the start location.

Further information
Facebook The Sky Is Blue and loekken.dk.

Løkken Tourist Office.