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DM-ugen (DM-week)

This summer Aalborg is the host for the DM week!

The Danish Championships week is a large unifying national sports event, which shows and pays tribute to the best of Danish elite sports. A kind of mini-Olympics on Danish soil.

You can look forward to lots of sports, fans and medals - and Danish championships in about 25 sports. The DM week is held from the 21st-25th of June 2023.

The DM week offers everything from cycling and breakdance to swimming and athletics. The event was held for the first time in 2022 where Aalborg was the host city. Aalborg is the host also in 2023. During the DM week, several of Aalborg's city areas will be used and it will give visitors a unique opportunity to experience sports and the city.

Download the DM ugen App here - App Store eller Google Store

Accommodation in Aalborg

If you are going to the Danish Championships week and need a place to stay overnight, you can find inspiration here.