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Bramfri Festival

Three places on Langeland, three days of summer, three days of music - conversations - party. Free entry.

Three days of music, conversations, food and drink - at Langeland

One of the ideas with Bramfri is to present places on Langeland that give a new experience of the island. The word bramfri comes from HC Ørsted's dictionary, one of 2500 words he created.

You can experience

Music on Farvemusik stage by Esben Just with his band spjustfrost, Anne Herdorf duo, LarsLoveLouise and Skovhus band. Conversations in the Ildsjælsteltet by Claus Ankersen and TS Høgh. In the Tankelynteltet we pay tribute to H.C. Ørsted's legacy - both the scientific and the intangible.

On 21 July in Tranekær

On the old sports ground surrounded by tall green trees in the large meadow, tents and a stage carriage will be erected, and there will be food stalls and bar carts, benches and tables.

On 22 July in Rudkøbing

In Rudkøbing's green heart, behind H.C. The Ørsted pavilion, between statues and well-trimmed hedges and lawns, just a stone's throw from the old charming streets and alleys and with a view of the bridge, takes place in the same place.

On 23 July in Bagenkop

The fishing town with a capital F, the town that is very much its own, where the winter bathing festival is as natural as the Harbor Festival and Gallery on the harbour, on the square in front of the harbor basin, Bramfri closes and switches off for this year's festival.

Thanks to:

Ø/Strøm – Sportgoods Foundation – Langeland Municipality – Halberg Family Foundation – Willian Demant Foundation