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Eat your way through Denmark

Foto:Matteo Acitelli&Niclas Jessen

Danish Food 101

Denmark’s love affair with food goes back a long way. Get to know the mouth-watering classics right here.

Do you eat with your eyes first?

Good! So do we. And that's why flicking through people's mouth-watering food pics from Denmark is one of our favourite ways to pass the time between meals. Take a look at our Instagram here. (Your shot might be included right there - once you've been of course.)

Eating on a budget

It's not all fine dining in Denmark! Danes do the classic hot dog with the same pride and gusto as molecular gastronomy. See how we put our own twist on street food.

Cheap eats in Denmark

Foto: Storms Pakhus - Odense Street Food

Eat on

... Or read on. (Whichever you prefer).

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