Vidare till innehåll

Don't be scared, we don't bite! (not these days, anyway)

Foto:© Ribe Vikingecenter&Niclas Jessen

Explore Denmark like a Dane

If you're looking for the best hidden secrets, authentic gems and classic spots that Danes love, do we have a hot tip for you. Search #baredanmark on Instagram and you'll find a long list of images that show off the insider highlights of Denmark.

Work like a Dane

Did you see what we did there? We put play before work. Because that's how you achieve optimum work/life balance (and we Danes know all about it)...Here's a little insight into some of the jobs that Danish people do.


The city architect

The lighthouse mover

Travel like a Dane

How do we get around in our own country? We have cars, of course, but also these lovely alternative (and our bikes!)

More ideas for authentic travel through Denmark

Discover the real Denmark with us...

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