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Top 10 Actieve Vakantie bestemmingen: Denemarken

Put Denmark on your 2022 bucket list. Well, why not?

Foto: © Elliott Hope Studio

Lean into our 'why not' attitude in 2022 and come visit Denmark. We've got plenty of out of the ordinary reasons to visit, from testing yourself on the Tour de France route to visiting underground museums and remembering how much fun it is to party 🎉. 

Event i Paris ifm rutepræsentationen af Tour de France 2021
Foto: PR foto

The Tour de France

In July, Copenhagen will host the start of the world’s most prestigious cycling race, The Grand Départ of the Tour de France. Starting in Copenhagen, the second stage will go through Roskilde and Nyborg and the third stage will go from Vejle to Sønderborg. Follow on TV and be inspired, or book your own cycle tour to Denmark and see how you fare!


Lots of lovely new hotels to stay in

From luxury hostels to extreme luxury stays, 2022 heralds the opening of a lot of new hotels in Denmark. They include Scandic SpectrumScandic Nørreport, 25hours Hotel Round Tower and Next House. It's never been easier to find a fantastic - or sustainable - place to stay in Denmark.

Entwurf für das Museum FLUGT von der Bjarke Ingels Group
Foto: Bjarke Ingels Group

The new Refugee Museum

FLUGT Danish Refugee Museum, opening in the spring of 2022, will dive into the incredible and thought-provoking stories and lives of refugees. Danish architects Bjarke Ingels Group are behind the building, which used to house German refugees following WWII. The museum will tell stories about the German refugees in 1945, as well as refugees who have come to Denmark in more recent years.

Designmuseum Danmark exhibition on design of chairs
Foto: Christian Høyer

DesignMuseum Danmark reopens

Our most prestigious design museum has been closed for two years (sob!) for a full scale building renovation and a reimagining of the museum experience. Visit from June 2022 and discover more about Danish design that you can imagine, from new exhibitions and audience spaces to a fully transformed iconic building. 

Queen's birthday portrait 2020 with her son and grandson
Foto: Per Morten Abrahamsen

The Queen's Jubilee

Denmark's beloved Queen Margrethe celebrated her 50-year jubilee in January 2022.  Exhibitions planned to celebrate include 'A Queen's Jewellery Box' taking place at Amalienborg Palace amongst others. Due to Covid the celebrations have been postponed to the end of the summer. Is it time to book a trip fit for a queen to Copenhagen? Absolutely!


The new Enigma Museum

ENIGMA is a new, interactive museum of communication set to open in the Østerbro neighborhood of Copenhagen. The new museum will tell stories about the present and future of topics like surveillance, digital communication and fake news, and includes plenty of hands-on activities. 


Bornholm gets a little closer

There's going to be a speedier route to the divine island of Bornholm from the end of 2022. The largest high-speed ferry in the world, Express 5, will be in operation, with a capacity of 1,610 passengers. In Bornholm, why not stay at the new carbon negative wing at Green Solution House, one of the island's many sustainable and forward-thinking solutions.

Woman in Rold Forest in autumn, Himmerland, North Jutland
Foto: Dennis Lundby

Hunker in a bunker

Deep in Rold Skov Forest in North Jutland, 200 feet beneath the surface, lies one of Denmark’s best kept secrets. The Cold War bunker REGAN Vest, built in the 1960s, will be open to the public in 2022, and ready to share its stories. The impressive 5,500 square meter bunker will be the focal point of the museum - it's a true time capsule.

Bild vom Tiger in Knuthenborg Safaripark
Foto: Visit Lolland-Falster

Sleep next to a tiger

Knuthenborg Safaripark is Northern Europe’s biggest safari park with over a thousand animals representing approximately 32 different species. Starting spring 2022, the park will offer guests the exciting opportunity to spend the night in Camp Zov Tigra, located in Europe’s biggest tiger forest. There is only one other place in the world, where you can wake up with roaring tigers like this. With only a window between you, you’ll get a unique insight into the lives of these beautiful striped predators in their home and on their natural terms, highlighting the strong focus Tiger Forest has on animal welfare. Knuthenborg Camp offers various safari-stays, so if you prefer to wake up to pensioned circus elephants, monkeys, giraffes and other safari animals, you’re in great luck!

Reffen street food market in Copenhagen
Foto: Reffen - Copenhagen Street Food

We're bringing parties back

2022 is expected be the year where many of the big festivals, like Roskilde Festival, finally return. We've missed them! Look out for the new O/Day Festival in Copenhagen in August, a brand new 3-day celebration of electronic music with food, drink and unique art to enjoy as well. 

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