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Winter in Naturkraft

Weather forecasts, nature adventures and kite building - When you visit Naturkraft in March, you can explore the wild West Jutland weather for yourself. You can try your hand at predicting the weather like the weathermen on TV. You can go on an exciting new nature adventure about Lektor Finregn, who tries to take control of the weather, and you can build your own beautiful kite to take home. Also, listen to exciting stories about the weather in West Jutland, which provides both tailwinds and headwinds for those who live here

Make your own weather forecast
At Naturkraft, you can learn to decode the weather using the same method that has been used for hundreds of years - by exploring and decoding the signals and signs that the sky shows us all the time. When exciting weather is approaching Denmark, you can often see it in the clouds. Learn to recognise the most common clouds that tell you what the weather will be like over the next few days, and then you're ready to make your own weather forecast.

NEW - Nature Adventure
Now you can download the free app Natureventyr and join the children Sol and Storm on an adventure in Naturkraft. Along the way, you will learn more about the weather in West Jutland, and through fun little challenges, you will help Sol, Storm and Professor Havgus prevent Professor Finregn from making too much amber in the weather.

Build your own kite
Kites are a typical West Jutland toy that young and old alike love to play with on the beaches along the west coast of Jutland. But kites are not a new phenomenon - the story of kites goes way back in time. At Naturkraft, you can learn about the history of dragons and follow in the footsteps of the many dragon builders of the time and build your own beautiful dragon from recycled materials. Of course, there is also plenty of opportunity to test fly your finished kite in Naturkraft.

Go on an expedition or time travel!
Take one of our exciting expeditions, where you can explore the outdoors in Naturkraft while exploring large and small in the West Jutland countryside. When you're cold, you can go inside and get warm. Here you can explore our exhibition on wind power and renewable energy - and take a time travel through West Jutland's wind adventure with our fulldome film experience. At the Tree of Life, you can experience the course of the year in 12 minutes and perhaps catch a glimpse of spring and summer before time.

Tales of West Jutland's wild weather
Life in West Jutland has always been at the mercy of the weather, and those who live here have always been dependent on being able to interpret the weather. The farmer could risk his harvest being ruined if rain fell just before harvest time, and the fisherman could risk being caught in a deadly storm at sea. When you visit Naturkraft, you can hear exciting stories about the wild West Jutland weather and delve into some of the many proverbs and sayings that have been used to predict the weather.

Price: Adults: 145 kr. Children 3-17: 95 DKK. Children aged 0-2 years are free of charge and all activities are included in the ticket price.