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Winter at Bork Vikingehavn

Bonfire food, Norse gods and Viking winter customs - Visit Bork Vikingehavn in March and meet the Vikings, taste their winter dishes, hear exciting stories about their religion and experience their winter customs as they prepare for the arrival of spring and summer.

Cooking over a campfire
When you visit Bork Vikingehavn, you can experience cooking over a campfire with the remaining ingredients that the Vikings had available during the winter. Naturally, there will be tastings for visitors, and if you want to, you can also take part in the actual cooking.

News - Stories about Viking religion
Religion was an important part of life in the Viking Age. Visit the sacrificial grove and see the Viking Age Nordic gods Odin, Freyr, Freja and Thor. Also discover St Erasmus Church, a wooden church inspired by finds from the Viking Age. On all opening days, there will be stories about Viking religion and the church bell will be rung.

Crafts and handicrafts
Take a look inside and see the Vikings in full swing preparing for spring and summer. They carve wood and cast pewter, embroider and make bags and other leatherwork. Weather and wind have influenced which indoor activities the Vikings have engaged in on each day, and there will therefore also be a variation in the crafts and handicrafts that can be experienced.

Catch the Fenris Wolf and solve the Riddles of the Gods
It is also possible to go on a riddle hunt and travel back to the Viking Age and Viking mythology on your own. Younger children can see if they can catch the dangerous Fenris Wolf. Older children and adults can try their hand at the Riddles of the Gods and see if they can save Balder from death. In the Viking Hall, it will also be possible to take a rest and get warm, cosy up with a game, quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger. Don't forget to stop by the shop with its many Viking-inspired products.

Price: Adults 145 kr. Children and young people under 18 are free. The riddle hunt is an additional purchase.