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Thomas Warberg - Du har det ikke fra mig

Saturday 9th March 2024 at 7.00PM. 

The popular and critically acclaimed stand-up Thomas Warberg is ready with the new show 'Du har det ikke fra mig', which you can now experience at MCH Herning Kongrescenter.

It's been over two years since his last show, and hold on, a lot has happened in those two years. The pandemic is over, there is war in Europe - and in a completely different ballpark, Thomas Warberg has been diagnosed with elevated cholesterol levels. In addition, he has become a father, has started watching reality, he has been to the restaurant Noma, has got a new bathroom - and then he has started to think that he might be halfway through life. Has everything really turned out the way he wanted it to be? What's the point of it all? Has he become the best version of himself? Is society? Should it all really be much better?


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