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Superorganism: The Art Buzzes at Munkeruphus

Explore the fascinating world of bees in Munkeruphus' latest exhibition, 'Superorganism'. Discover how art and science come together in works that investigate everything from a bee trapped in amber 40 million years ago to the relaxing buzz of bees in the 'therapy house'.

Works with bees from a variety of artists

In the exhibition 'Superorganism' at Munkeruphus, you can experience the world of bees through the lens of a variety of talented artists and researchers.

See, among other things, a bee trapped in amber 40 million years ago, models of beehives from around the world, and visit the bee library where you can find everything from bee poetry to bee dissections.

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Try bee therapy in the park at Munkeruphus

Take a walk through the peaceful, green park at Munkeruphus - and indulge in bee therapy. Here, you can sit in the therapy house, lean back in the chair with your eyes closed, and listen to the pleasant buzzing of the bees, which is part of the installation.

Materials from the lives of bees

The works in the exhibition at Munkeruphus are mostly made from materials that bees themselves come into contact with. It could be beeswax, beehives, beekeeping equipment, or even the bees themselves. In this way, the exhibition mimics the reality of the bees.

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A world of bees

The world of bees is both simple and complex. A bee has a fairly simple life task: it must collect pollen that can be turned into honey in order to survive.

But the mechanisms behind the pollination of plants and fruits, and the entire impact it has on the Earth's cycle, are a science. We are all part of a superorganism, both humans and bees.

Experience the exciting world in which the bees live in the exhibition at Munkeruphus.