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Michael Learns to Rock

Saturday 6 April.

It will be a joyful reunion when Michael Learns to Rock returns to MCH Herning Congress Center in April 2024.

With huge hits such as 'The Actor', 'That's Why', 'Take Me to Your Heart' and '25 Minutes', the band has established itself as one of Denmark's most successful pop trios, and after an impressive and long series of sold-out concerts in Denmark, Michael Learns to Rock is more than ready to return to the stage and spread pop joy through the speakers.

Known for their energetic live performances and unforgettable concert experiences, the ultra-popular group guarantees world-class pop when they take the stage in Herning. The old catalog of hits will be brought out and performed by the always well-playing musicians.

In other words, you can look forward to a festive evening where you'll have plenty of opportunities to rock along to the band's timeless tunes in the company of other pop-loving guests.