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Lyø Embroidery

Have you ever heard of the Lyø Embroideries?

The embroideries were sewn on the island throughout the 19th century, and they are known to be among the top 3 of the historical embroideries in Denmark.

During the summer, a small exhibition with the traditional Lyø embroideries from a private collection is exhibited in "Anna’s Havehus" at Søndenvej 15.

If you have a special interest and are a group of min. 4 people, a more extensive presentation of the embroideries can be arranged.

To book your visit please contact Sabina, preferably in good time, and by email: sabina.stoltz@gmail.com, or text tel.no.: 2232 6768, so that further arrangements can be made.

The embroideries were sewn by girls and young women on the larger farms on Lyø - sometimes helped by skilled seamstresses on the island.

The earliest textiles with embroidery were already made at the end of the 18th century, but the period when most were produced were in the years 1850-1900.

They were primarily sewn in blue and red colours, but other colours were also used in details. The colors the embroideries have today are often not the original ones, as the colors have become bleached over time.

The stitching itself is of high technical skill, quality and variety.

The motifs are often flowers, either in a wreath or bouquet. Other popular motifs relate to Christianity and go far back in history, such as the Bell Tree, the Peacock and the 8-pointed star.

The fine textiles have been passed down for generations, and sometimes you can see that they have been transformed and reused by the next generation.

Today, many Lyø families still have their family’s embroideries and textiles carefully kept.

In the early 1960s, a group of ladies on the island got together to embroider a new altar cloth for the church with motifs and colours from the traditional Lyø embroideries.

Some years ago the old Lyø tradition of embroidering had a renaissance when the island’s women decided to get together and work on the traditional craft of making embroideries again. They found inspiration in the old altar cloth and the tradition of having “church cushions”.

The altar cloth and church cushions can now be seen in the church.


At our website above you can order the book "Traditionelle Lyø Broderier" by Eva Aaberg Westh about the Lyø embroideries and embroidery kits and patterns can also be ordered here.

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