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The Japanese Garden in Struer

Den Japanske Have (The Japanese Garden) in Struer


In the center of Struer the Japanese Garden is located, which is established and owned by Egon Bedsted. Here you can utilize all your senses in the peaceful and harmonious surroundings, which are shaped by 450 trees (150 different types of wood), 350 tons of stone, lakes with fish, 10 streams and several sizes of waterfalls.

The garden is an oasis of calm and beautiful views that can be enjoyed from the winding footpaths and bridges, and there are several benches along the route where you can sit and enjoy the meditative surroundings. Small red arrows guide you where to focus, meanwhile experiencing the sound of the rippling water and chimes from wind harps. Visit the small The Hus and enjoy a hot cup of tea, coffee from the house or your own brought drinkings.


The garden that just has to be experienced, which is supported by it’s nomination for ”the year's most beautiful garden” in 2015.


As renewal, a doll museum was established in 2016 with approximately 250 dolls, as well as clowns and toy cars.


The garden is designed arranged hence people with walking difficulties and walker-rollators can visit. Unfortunately, wheelchairs cannot access the area.


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