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Exhibition at Ærø Museum: Plastic - blessing or curse?

The exhibition explores the enormous impact of plastic on humans and the environment, and the challenges plastic artefacts create for those trying to preserve it.

The exhibition at Ærø Museum focuses on plastic from an everyday and museum perspective.

Plastic was invented in the mid-1800s and has been a part of people's everyday lives ever since. Now, some 150 years later, plastic makes many things easier in our everyday lives, but the material not only challenges the environment, but also museums and archives.

Plastic is not made to last forever and is surprisingly difficult to preserve for posterity. To take the best possible care of plastic artefacts, it is necessary to know what types of plastic they are. This often requires scientific analyses, such as infrared spectroscopy.

"Plastic - blessing or curse?" is part of the exhibition series "The Past in the Future", and is made in collaboration with Bevaringscenter Fyn, Langelands Museum, Marstal Maritime Museum, Ærø Museum, Øhavsmuseet Faaborg, Svendborg Museum and Østfyns Museer.

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