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Café Niogtres

Visit the small cozy cafe and bar at Møllergade 69, carefully chosen for its location with a view of the sea and cobblestone streets.

Café ninety-three is a café and bar started by 3 young individuals. At the café, they prioritize local quality and homemade dishes. They bake their own sourdough rolls and cardamom twists every morning, homemade shareable dishes such as hummus, pesto, toast, etc. And they are huge coffee enthusiasts, serving only specialty coffee, both in espresso and filter form. In addition to coffee and food, the café also has good beers in the fridge, fresh draft beer, and exclusively serves natural wine.

The café's location requires people to seek them out - perhaps to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the pedestrian street. It's a place with lots of personality, and you meet the owners and the few employees every day. The space is nicely decorated with recycled furniture, good acoustics, and a nice view.